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The native land of the Grenate is Azerbaijan. 100% natural pomegranate juice is a healthy product, without any preservatives and sugar ingredients, no sintetics and chemicals ingredients, ( GMO free) . Pomegranate juice is made only from fresh pomegranates that grown up in Azerbaijani.   Natural pomegranate juice is rich in vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace elements, pectins, organic acids and other biologically active compounds that are important for human health. They are recommended for use in the presence of anemia. It can also be used in patients with diabetes mellitus. The 100% pomegranate juice you offer has the maximum amount of pomegranate fruit vitamins and trace elements.

Thick, dark, viscous liquid of ruby red color has piquant sourness, light fruity sweetness, and a deep luring fragrance. There are only fresh pomegranate juice and sugar inside this classic product. However, there exist the recipes of the ,,Narsharab‘‘ with additions and herbs.  There are different types of Narsharab. But the best sauce is made from Goychay pomegranate variety. Product made from these fruits is more saturated and aromatic. In translation from Azerbaijani,,Narsharab‘‘ is a pomegranate wine. And, indeed, people who have tried this product, note that it is filled with pleasant wine notes and gives a unique fruit flavor. "Naršarab" sauce is rich in organic acids and minerals. It will give you unique flavor and an exotic oriental flavor for any dish.

Azerbaijan is a country rich in mineral water springs. Water extracted from each source has different properties. We would like to present you the natural mineral water "SIRAB", obtained since 1950 from the territory of the Azerbaijan Autonomous Republic of Nachishevan. The autonomous republic of Nachishevan is known as the land of mineral waters. ,,SIRAB‘‘ mineral water is naturally saturated with its own source of carbon dioxide for which it has a special taste. The composition of the minerals comprised in ages in this mineral water releases it from all other mineral waters.

Azerbaijani-based jams differ in their taste because they are made according to the old Azerbaijani traditions. Even the difference between the same cherry jam is felt immediately upon opening the jar - the secret lies in the climate and in the soil in which the fruit has grown. All the fruits of the jam have grown and ripe in Azerbaijan.

Quince with cloves Delicacy

Quince are  large yellow knobbly apple-shaped fruits that have a slightly floral flavour and ripen in the Autumn. Quince with cloves delicacy is widely used in cooking. Its aromatic and distinctive taste makes it possible to use the product as jam, as a sauce, serving fish, salads and other dishes. Its also used for the addition of marinating fish or meat, giving it softness and aroma.

Delicacy from Figos

Fii (fig tree, anihir) is one of the oldest crops in the world, originating from Asia. Figs are extraordinary fruits of paradise gardens. Figos contain a lot of beta carotene, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, group B and vitamins C, antioxidants and amino acids. The Delicacy from figs you offer are lightweight consistency, made from carefully selected fruits that can be seen with the naked eye ''. A great fragrance, acting like a natural antidepressant. Delicacy from figs are perfectly combined with cheese and smoked ham, so it can be used for various snacks and salads.
The Magic of Injection (figs) you offer is not jam. This is a delicious mix of consistency of berries that fits perfectly not only as a jam. It can be used for cooking biscuits and pies, as well as full-fruit figs perfectly combine with various kinds of poultry meat. By frying the meat in an oven before it, the fig paste makes a great grilled peel with a golden shade and a special flavor.

Delicacy from Walnuts

There is no secret that walnuts are a valuable source of protein. It contains high levels of vitamin C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, volatile, essential oils, iodine, cobalt and other minerals.
The process of making the proposed delicacy keeps almost all the valuable walnut materials. It is not a solid lubricant for jam. This is a jam made in your juice. When you look at the picture, you will clearly see the full form of the nuts. For this production, you must pick up well-ripe and beautiful nuts.

The use of Walnut peas is very wide. May be eaten as a jam. It is also very suitable and gives you a great flavor - chopping poultry, oven-fried vegetables, and frying cakes as an ingredient like cake decoration. The delicacy from walnut is very suitable for cheese.

Delicacy from Feichoy

Feichoy (also known as the American Aka) looks like pineapple, and smells this exotic berry with strawberries. Her homeland is Asia and South America. Feichoy is famous for its high water-soluble iodine content, which practically does not dissolve during the preparation of the jam. The Feijoe jam is for everyone. There is no allergic fruit.

What else is there to eat Delicacy from Feichoy?

Delicacy from Feichoy is a great salad ingredient. It fits perfectly with meat dishes (especially suitable for poultry, turkey, game, antiquity), they are put in pancakes or dumplings, they are also suitable for cake filling.
Feichoy's delicious feast for you is a large circular slice shape, so it looks aesthetically pleasing to the delicious meal and delights your eyes.

Rose petal jam

There is no secret to anyone who smells the roses that grow in climates, where there are many sunshine and warm rains. The climate of Azerbaijan is suitable for growing roses.
Therefore, Azerbaijani rose leafy jam has a great aroma. The taste of the jam reminds more of jelly than jam. Perfect for a cup of tea. Eat with different cheeses and pancakes. It's just like filling cakes and dumplings.

White Currant Jam

The jam you are offered is sweet, friable, light consistency, golden, without pips. Genuine sweet and sweet sweets.
The jam you are offered is sweet, friable, light consistency, golden, without pips. Genuine sweet and sweet sweets.


The tea drink is associated with many traditions, which we sometimes do not understand, but we still adhere to them. In different countries, these traditions are different, but they all share one - the tea is united, it is intended for people to communicate and understand each other. There is no secret to anyone that Azerbaijan has an old tradition of tea drinking. In Azerbaijan, the tea drink ritual is an integral part of everyday life. The result of the millennial tea flavor is today that Azerbaijan can offer the world the best high quality teas whose production has been tested for years.


Azerbaijan Tea – the of the cultivated in Azerbaijan, especially in the south regions.Tea is cultivated mainly in Lankaran, Astana, Masalli and Zagatala in Azerbaijan. It is important type of drinking consumed by our people for their daily needs during centuries. AZERCAY BOUQUET – It is the mix of the large leaf of the regions of Lankaran and Astana , Azerbaijan. The tea has a refined taste and brigt red – golden color.

AZERCAY CAYXANA black tea of the first class with bergamot

AZERCAY Tea – It is the mix of the hight-quality tea growing in hte regioms Lankaran and Astana, Azerbaijan.Tea was scented with natural bergamot. The tea tasted soft, tender, pleasant and delicious, with bright and dark red color.

AZERCAY ARMUDU Black tea and Thyme

,,AZERCAY ARMUDU‘‘ Black Tea & Thyme pairs the world’s finest black tea with the sweet, earthy flavour of spring thyme. This intensely fragrant herb is lauded not only for its value in traditional recipes from around the world, but for its therapeutic and Ayurvedic benefits too. A rich black tea with an unmistakable aroma and flavour. Discover the craft of fine tea with ,,AZERCAY ARMUDU‘‘ Black Tea & Thyme blend.

Natural 100% Compotes:

1. Chestnut fruit compote

2. Yellow Compound Saltwood Compote (kizil)

3. Feichoy fruit compote

4. Apricot Compote

5. Peach Compote

6. Blackberry (black forest pearl) compote

7. Sweets Compote

8. Third Compote

All the compote presented above are made in Azerbaijan. Fruit is also grown in Azerbaijani climate . The fruits of all compotes are natural, not dried, not fermented, without any further processing, without chemical paints. Are GMO free.

Compote - as a beverage - has become a product of everyday consumption from old times. Suitable for all people, they are especially fond of children, they are lightweight structures, besides the Yellow Composition of the Sedule Fruit Compote and the Feichoy Fruit Compote have many beneficial trace elements for the human body that do not run out of the compot preparation process.